Skincare: College Edition

This one’s for all of our college beauties out there! 

We understand first hand the struggle of maintaining a skincare routine and the books. Lets face it, we all have the “just be happy I’m here” syndrome too often and end up on campus looking ridiculous in front of the guy we’ve been crushing on all semester. You're knocking everyone over to avoid him because you look crazy, he thinks you're creepy, now you’re single forever in a house full of cats!  

Okay maybe that was a bit much but honestly, when we look better we feel better. The first thing people pay attention to are your facial features, why not give them something mesmerizing to look at? Besides, it is a great conversation starter for you and that cute crush of yours. 

Your skin regimen should not feel like burden. It’s very important to implement a skin care routine that best fits your schedule to ensure consistency. The Butter Bar has three options for all skin types: 

  • The “On the Go” beauty:

    For the beauties that more than likely have that dreaded 8AM class. Also a great option for those looking for a way to get started with a skincare routine. 

    Essential Kit: This kit consists of a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. This simple yet effective starter kit takes 3 minutes max to complete. 

  • The “I Needed My Beauty Rest” Doll: 

    For the beauties who can sleep in with a little more time to spare, also our number one kit for acne concerns. 

    The Advanced Kit: Contains a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliating scrub and blemish mask. 

  • The Princess: 

    This one’s for the college beauties that require a bit of pampering and may have multiple skin concerns: 



    The Complete Kit: Contains a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliating scrub, blemish mask, Day/Night Dark Spot Duo, and Melan-In Serum (topseller). 

    *Options for all skin types available. 

    Whatever category you fall under we’ve got you covered! All college students in the Houston and Atlanta area receive 20% off any in store purchase and service with valid school ID. 

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