Skin Therapy

In communities of color, going to therapy is still very much stigmatized. Just to be clear, going to therapy does not make you weak, stupid, crazy or inferior. In fact, going to therapy makes you strong and shows that you are ready to overcome the battles that run rapid in your mind all day long. We also know that going to therapy sessions can be quite expensive, but there’s an app for that. Talk Space is an affordable and convenient therapy network where licensed and vetted professionals are one screen tap away. Instead of scrolling on social media all day and further inducing any feelings of self-doubt and FOMO (fear of missing out), try talking to someone about what’s on your mind. Speaking to a person who has no bias will help you sort through a lot of your issues or small things that really aren’t an issue at all. There is one form of therapy that we failed to mention though, SKINCARE!

 Skin Therapy

While you may only be in the mindset of maintaining your sexy glow, taking care of your skin can also help to release, relax, and renew your mind and body. All of the stress your mind and body has endured is definitely showing up on your skin. While you may think you’re successfully suppressing feelings of anxiety, your face is currently breaking out; telling the full truth and nothing but the truth. Want to overcome this? Of course, we have the formula beauties, check out our skin therapy checklist below!


1)    Visit an esthetician: Connecting with a skincare professional is key. They can help clarify the state of your skin; as well as advise you on developing a system to keep your skin nourished and blemish free. If there is anything beyond their range of treatment, they can refer you to a dermatologist.


2)    Commit to a system: While we are very much so in the age of instant gratification, results worth having, take time! Choose an easy to follow skincare system that you can commit to for at least 90 days. Our Flawless Facial System is the perfect plant-based solution


3)    Drink plenty of water and mind your business: No explanation needed, just do it lol.


Glow on Beauties! 

Skin Therapy


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