Setting Your Makeup for a Glowing Finish

Ready, SET, Spray! Just a nice little mist or two will go such a long way. I’m sure you may be wondering what I’m talking about, and if you’re a makeup guru you may have guessed already that I’m talking about setting spray. If you’re not a makeup guru and you’re wondering how anyone could spontaneously guess that, I promise by the time I’m finished, you will not only understand but will be singing the praises setting sprays deserve. But enough chit chat, let me explain to you all the reasons you’ll be saying hallelujah to your beat face after a mist of setting spray! 

What is Setting spray? 

Setting spray is what you use to preserve your makeup for longer periods of time. It is best used once finished applying your makeup to give it that smooth finish and prevent transfer or smudging. 

There are different types of setting sprays.  Some can give you a matte finish or a dewy and glowing finish. I mean who doesn’t want to glow right? Imagine walking around with that “I woke up like this” look all day! 

Does it seem a bit too simple? Well it really is that simple and amazing. Just a simple spritz once your makeup is applied and you’re glowing all day sis! Now if you have more oily skin you may not what they dewy look. Go for a more matte spray with a shimmery finish. 

Some of my favorite brands to use are Urban Decay and NYX. So don’t let me hold you...ready, set, go GLOW girl, GO!

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