Set your Makeup with MIST!

“Stop the Shine, get the GLOW!” Summertime sun can be everything you need to feel energized, refreshed and enjoy your skin's natural glow. But sometimes our skin gets a little over energized and can cause an increase in oil production from your sebaceous glands. Next thing you know, you’ve gone from a BEAT face to a heat face! So what exactly do you do when your face is already beat to the gawds and you need a little refresher? 

MIST! Whether toner or a hydrating mist, ensuring you include a mist into daily skincare regimen and makeup application routine is a great way to prepare your face for makeup and controlling its durability throughout the day. Toners are great for smoothing and tightening your skin as well as adding moisture. Our Apple, Honey and Green Tea toner brightens and softens your skin which will allow your skin to absorb makeup without clogging your pores. Use it before your moisturizer or Melan-in Serum and prior to your makeup application to restore your skin’s pH balance. 

Preparing your skin for makeup is an important part of ensuring it does not cause unnecessary breakouts. Makeup itself is usually not harmful to your skin; however, your treatment of your skin before and after wearing it is crucial to maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. You want to use a good priming, moisturizing, and sun protecting product like the Melan-in Serum to set your makeup and protect your skin throughout the day. 

Hydrating and setting your makeup to stay primed and clean throughout the day can also be achieved through hydrating mists. Coconut water and hibiscus extract can hydrate your pores through anti-aging elements such as vitamin C. Vitamin C is used to promote anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties needed for collagen production as well as skin rejuvenation.  Yucca, Sugar and Hibiscus Facial Hydrating Mist is amazing for refreshing your makeup on-the-go! For our Butter beauties with a little more oil production, use the White Willow and Chia Seed oil controlling mist to give your skin a hydrating, matte look throughout you day.  

Hydration, hydration, hydration! Whether we are recommending drinking water until you burst or Misting like a little summer sprinkler, the key is to STAY HYDRATED! Happy MISTing Beauties.  


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