Seasonal Fruits: January

Avocados Benefits: 

- Loaded With Fiber
- Can Lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels
- Healthy Fat !
- Help Prevent Cancer
- Contain More Potassium Than Bananas

Banana Benefits: 

- Best fruit sources of vitamin B6
-Respectable sources of Vitamin C
- Carries Manganese which is great for the skin
- Rich in Potassium which is good to maintain heart health and leveled blood pressure
- Aid digestion

Blood Oranges Benefits: 

- Full of Folic Acid
- Regulates Your Cholesterol 
- Helps prevents the risk of strokes
- High in Vitamin A & C
- Full of Anthocyanin which helps fight off free radicals and inflammation in the body

Coconuts Benefits:

- Improve your endurance
- Helps keep hair & skin moisturized and heal wounds
- High in Manganese, which is essential for bone health
- Rich in copper and iron, which help produce red blood cells

Kiwi Benefits:

- Helps treat asthma
- Aids digestion
- Boosts immune system
- Manage blood pressure
rejuvenates, revives, and firms tired skin

Lemons Benefits:

- High in Vitamin C and fiber
- Support Heart Health
- Assist with detox and weight loss
- Prevents Kidney Stones
- Reduce Risk of Cancer
- Heal Acne and Remove Blemishes & Blackheads

Papayas Benefits:

- Powerful Antioxidant Effects
- Has Anticancer Properties
- Improve Digestion
- Protects Against Sun Damage
- May reduce pain and inflammation


Passion Fruit Benefits:

- Good source of fiber
- Boosts the immune system
- Supports heart health
- Reduce anxiety
- Rich in antioxidants

Pomegranate Benefits:

- May Help Fight Prostate Cancer
- Useful Against Breast Cancer
- May Lower Blood Pressure
- May Help Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain
- Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

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