Reasons Why Your Skin has been Acting Out

There are several causes that lead to skin issues. Some may be easy to fix or control, while others may take a more concentrated approach to manage.

Here are some of the popular skin problems, what causes them, and how to naturally prevent and or manage the outbreaks.


Chronic Skin Conditions

What causes you to experience chronic skin related issues? There can be several reasons why your skin is acting out.  Genetics, hormones, and diet are usually prominent factors when determining the cause of these outbreaks or flareups.  It is suggested to also pay attention to your lifestyle.

Treatment can be simple depending on the severity and the condition of your skin. Some may be minor while other disorders are more serious, and some can be temporary while others may be permanent.

Below are some common chronic skin issues that you may have experienced or heard of:

  • Eczema - itchy and inflamed patches of skin

Our Oats and Green Tea Set is a popular option to treat Eczema and renew your skin for a healthy balance.

  • Psoriasis - scaly, itchy, and dry patches
  • Acne – caused by clogged pores (excessive production of oil, hormones, bacteria)

Our Flawless Facial Systems offer several options to treat your skin for acne.

  • Rosacea - small, red, pus-filled bumps on the face
  • Vitiligo - large, irregular patches of skin

Skin disorders can have a wide range of symptoms and irregularities, such as:

Oily Skin

What is the best practice to manage oily skin? Oil is produced in the body to help keep your skin healthy. However, excess of anything is usually not that healthy. Excessive oil produced can lead up to blemishes and acne “break outs” or flare-ups.   

There are multiple ways to cut down on oiliness. It is suggested to cleanse and wash your face in the morning and again in the evening.  Using a gentle cleanser such as our Sea Buckthorn & Chia Seed Cleansing Oil, is a perfect solution to reduce the excessive oil in your skin. 

Dry Skin

Having dry skin can possibly be the most uncomfortable chronic skin issue to experience. Often dealing with dry skin can be very painful and even embarrassing.

Some habits you can modify or add to your day to day are –

  • Change the way you bath – try lukewarm baths or showers, and not extreme hot water. You can use natural products to relieve the symptoms from dry skin
  • Resist the itch-scratch cycle – try your best to avoid scratching the irritated area, as this leads to causing the skin to bleed and making the rash worse.
  • Moisturize daily – moisturizing can help the skin hydrated, keeping your skin less dry and itchy. The Butter Bar Skincare offers a wonderful selection of moisturizers



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