Lip Service: Protecting Your Pout- Naturally

As we all know, the mouth is like the central headquarters to your body. Everything you consume affects the way your body functions, for better or for worse. Each time you eat or drink, you are either feeding a disease or fighting it. With that in mind we have to ask, how are you treating the front doors of the headquarters?

We’re talking about those lips people.


This is the skin many tend to forget about, but certainly one of the most important. The trauma that your lips experience on a daily basis is exhausting and you have to replenish and repair them each day. Check out our tips below on how to maintain the perfect pout all year round!




Start your mornings with a warm cup of tea or water to get your body going and awake. The first step is exfoliating your precious jewels. Take a small amount of our super fresh Straw-Burry Lip Scrub and massage your lips together for about 10 to15 seconds. After you’ve scrubbed (not too harshly), rinse your lips with warm water. Pat your lips dry with a soft towel then follow up with our nourishing Shea Butter Lip Balm. Your lips are officially ready to slay the day! Repeat this routine at night for best results.

NOTE: Since you’re exfoliating twice each day be VERY gentle with yourself. Excessive exfoliation will irritate the skin.

In addition to our essential lip duo, you must always remember to stay hydrated! Each time you breathe and/or talk, you are exerting water and essentially drying your body out. You have to remember to consume water on a daily basis, and especially if you want to keep your lips from being dry and cracked. Because seriously, who wants to kiss a crusty lipped Connie?


Glow on family. 




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