Protect Your Skin From The Summer Sun

When it comes to sun protection, mother nature is an expert! There are hundreds of natural herbs, oils, and creams that can protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation. If you want a practical alternative to chemically processed sunscreen, search for these ingredients in your favorite skin care products.

Shea Butter

Although sunscreen has natural ingredients that fight ultraviolet radiation, it also contains chemicals that can damage your skin over time. Shea butter is a natural alternative to sunscreen that uses Cinammic Acid to protect your skin from sun damage.

Many of our products feature African shea butter, which will shield your skin and promote fair trade in other countries. Add R$ch Butter All Over Wash to your morning beauty routine for hours of sun protection.

Natural Oils

For thousands of years, women have used oils in fragrances, hair care, and tanning creams. As scientists began to study the effects of oil in skin care products, they recognized that natural oils can protect skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Coconut oil, olive oil, and seed oils can prevent UVA and UVB rays from causing skin damage. Use Melan-in Skin Nourishing Serum or Royal Oil for an added layer of sun protection.

Exfoliate & Moisturize

If you spend hours in the sun, your normal skin care products may not provide enough protection. To repair damaged skin, use a natural exfoliant that can remove dead cells and help your skin recover. The Choco-holic R$ch Butter & Sugar Scrub Set comes with an exfoliating scrub and shea butter moisturizer. Apply both products as needed to soothe and heal damaged skin.


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