Prime Time: How To Prepare Skin For The Ultimate Beat Face!

Now that you’ve learned all about what serums are and how they help cultivate a bomb glow let’s dive deeper! Just in case you missed it, catch up on our Skin Serum 101 lesson HERE!  Not only is a good toxin-free serum the way to go for everyday skincare, but it also performs well as a primer! What on earth is a primer you ask? Let’s discuss it!

Primers are an essential staple in your daily skincare arsenal and makeup bag. Us ladies love a good beat for special occasions. Whether you’re heading to a party, wedding, or that high school reunion you have to SLAY at, make-up is an essential beauty prep for the majority. Here at The Butter Bar, we fully support embracing your natural beauty but, sometimes a little enhancement doesn’t hurt. What’s most important is that you keep your skin primed, protected, and ready to go, and glow!

 Using Primers To Prepare Skin For and Protect Skin From Makeup!

What is the purpose of using primer? 

Primer is the very first step to preparing your face to become an easel. Think of primer as your super strong protection barrier between your precious skin and the makeup you’re about to apply.


Should I use a cream or oil based primer?

This topic is heavily debated but we like to focus on facts so let’s do that. If you need a barrier of protection, wouldn’t you prefer a product that penetrated your skin and forms as the first line of defense? Of course, you would! Creams will either sit on the surface on your skin or clog your pores. Heavy oils may make your makeup blotchy; unless it’s a highly concentrated oil, also known as serums. The molecular structure of serum makes it the number one contender for excellent primers.


Can I use primer without applying makeup? 

Absolutely! Primer can aid in age prevention, evening your skin tone, and as noted, preps and protects your gorgeous skin.

We have three AMAZING serums that you can’t miss out on!


1.   Melan-In Skin Nourishing Serum +SPF

2.   Day & Night Dark Spot Serum

3.   Undereye Dark Circle Serum


What are your thoughts? Do you currently use serum? Are you considering it now that you know it’s a necessity? Share with us below!


 How To Prime Skin For Perfect Makeup Application

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