Pretty Poison

Lets talk poison. No, not the Bell Biv DeVoe type poison, were talking serious, life-altering chemicals. What attracts us to these products? Is it the scents? The promise that its contents will nourish your skin leaving you with a soft baby like feel? Or is it that pretty packaging with flowers and exaggerated water droplets? We’re here to give insight on how the beauty industry can entice you into purchasing pretty products that don’t mean your skin any good.

 Pretty Poisons- Cosmetic Chemicals in Skincare

It all starts with the packaging. The product design department is given the task of creating sexy, sleek designs that will catch the consumers eye first. Imagine it; you’re in the body wash aisle in the store, and you see countless rows of colorful packaging, curvy bottles with swirls and glitter. Would you pick the plain white rectangular bottle of body wash or the peachy rose gold bottle of body wash shaped like an hourglass? See where we’re going with this? A large part of what you’re investing in is the brand's design aesthetic, and not high-quality products that protect and nourish your skin.


The pretty colors of your favorite body wash come with a hidden price that simply isn’t worth it. The dyeing process of already harmful product boosts its ability to have an adverse effect on your body. Over time these products rob your skin of natural oils and moisture, weakens vital organs, and even poses the threat of developing cancer. And that’s just the dying process! Below you’ll find the top three toxins to steer clear of when building your body product arsenal.


Parabens: attributes to hormonal imbalances and pseudo-estrogen properties that make women more susceptible to developing cancer.

Formaldehyde: this toxin not only causes cancer but also attacks and depletes your immune system making you more to likely to develop health issues since your first line of defense is weak.

Sulfates: the most common body/beauty product toxin by far! This silent killer is in 90% of American products. Check out our post explaining the dangers of sulfates HERE.

Overwhelmed? Confused about where to go from here? We’ve got you covered! My Butter Bar guarantees nourishing, toxin-free products for all of your beauty and body needs. We hope that this information encourages you to transition your product collection. Clean beauty has never been easier!



  • Posted by Chirlinn Rolle on

    If I can get my skin back naturally this will be a big help in helping other women in my country that suffer from all skin issues. I want to stop bleaching and take the natural approach I am tired if appearing shady .

  • Posted by Tiffany LaTrice Garfield on

    I really do not know where to start since I’ve hit my 40s my skin has changed drastically I have hyperpigmentation I have dry scaly patches that appear sporadically on my face and neck and throughout my body I’ve always had eczema since childhood I only have breakouts during the summer months when the heat in the sweat I was sweating more but now since I’m older it’s coming all year round

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