Post-Partying Detox

Thank God, the festive season is over. Not because you didn’t enjoy time with family and friends, simply because of all the things your skin has gone through over the last two months. You’ve hosted, traveled, eaten everything against your better judgment, and your cousin’s party cocktails were on tap! Party animal huh? It’s totally fine, you had a long year so the celebrations were called for, but now it’s time to recalibrate!

 Post-Partying Detox

Imagine it; the house is cleaned, laundry is done, the little ones are fast asleep, bae is in his man cave winding down and it’s your time to have a mini retreat! We’ve created the PERFECT routine for you the detox from all of your fun. Turn on some soothing music and indulge!



-Draw yourself a warm bath accompanied with candles and Epsom salt.

(FUN FACT: Salt baths aren’t just for athletes! Salt baths are great for easing stress, relieving pain and cramps, removes toxins from the body, reduces inflammation in the body, and also relieves constipation.)

-Enjoy the warm bath and rinse off in the shower afterward to remove any leftover dirt and grime that may have been lifted from the salt bath. Our All Over Wash is the perfect, non-drying cleanser.

-Replenish your skin with one of our Rich Butters or Royal Oils of your choice.

-Cleanse your face with our DEEP Skin Detox Box! This collection was specially curated with you in mind. Relieve your skin of all its stress and exposure with this godsend.

-Enjoy a cup of detoxifying tea! Don’t have a favorite? No worries! Our Flawless Skin Detox Tea is included in the Detox Box! You can also sprinkle a bit of this tea blend in your salt bath for a detox boost.

You’re all set! Renew, recharge, and glow on Beauties. 

Post-Partying Detox

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