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Pee On Your Face- It Will Help! And Skincare Advice You May Want To Pass On

April 03, 2017 2 Comments

Pee On Your Face- It Will Help! And Skincare Advice You May Want To Pass On

As we move through our skincare journey and scour Pinterest and refinery29 for the solutions to our skincare concerns, we will all happen upon a few remedies that make us lift an eyebrow. Here’s a list of some of the weirdest and the worst skincare remedies I’ve found thus far:

·         Baking soda and lemon

Skin is naturally acidic, and baking soda is almost completely alkaline, so you are completely throwing off skin’s natural balance when you use baking soda on your skin. And while lemon is acidic, it is highly acidic and can cause burns and skin sensitivity that leads to pigment issues and skin damage if not diluted correctly. Both should be used with caution if used at all!

·         At-home chemical peels

Because some genius thought that doing a complicated (and potentially dangerous) procedure, (that takes several months of professional training), by yourself, at home, was such a good idea. You can get better results from fruit acid peels, which are milder and less likely to melt your face. Still, you need to do them correctly and follow every precaution, but they’re way safer than using your face as a science experiment! Just make sure your fruit peel is a 100% natural fruit acid/enzyme peel, and not chemically mixed or altered.

·         Toothpaste to get rid of a bump

There are SO many reasons why using toothpaste to clear up a pimple makes no damn sense! For one, toothpaste is comprised mostly of sugar, which will cause acne if it’s allowed to sit on your face. Secondly, the idea is that the mint will take down the inflammation in the skin, thus causing the bump to get smaller. This would be true if they used 100% pure essential peppermint oil in the toothpaste. The problem is- almost none of the current commercial brands of toothpaste use peppermint essential oil- it’s all chemically created flavoring with absolutely no medicinal benefits what so ever. Not only should you skip this, but you should invest in a natural toothpaste for daily use. Like this one here: (affiliate link)

·         Exfoliate Every morning and night

I used to do this too to try to scrub the acne off my face...just caused scars and more acne (link to acne has affected my life in the following ways). I know better now. NEVER over-exfoliate your skin to try to “scrub out” blemishes. It will severely damage your skin and often leaves scars. Need help with how to correctly add exfoliation to your routine? Click the blog here: How To Naturally Exfoliate Your Skin

·         Cinnamon and honey face mask 

It works, but some people have had severe allergic reactions that have left their faces severely swollen, or burned from the reaction of the cinnamon and lemon juice that some add to it. Use caution if you ever dare to use this remedy! A patch test is a must! I've heard of and seen photos of people being allergic and swelling up like a pumpkin! Try Turmeric & Honey instead- almost nobody reports an adverse reaction, and it yields very similar results with a little yellow staining, but it washes off. Try This:

·         Elmer’s Glue and Activated Charcoal (As a Peel-Off Mask)

<Face Palm> Come on guys! Like Luvvie would say- Do Better! Cause we’re judging you! Elmer’s glue has all types of chemicals that you shouldn’t have anywhere near your face. The glue alone will probably have your skin going crazy; I can’t imagine what may happen when adding activated charcoal to it. Just step away from the glue bottle!

·         Coca-Cola, hydrogen peroxide, hand sanitizer

This is supposed to make skin less oily and reduce acne because of the acids in it. Can you say chemical burns? Please don’t do any of this crap! It will strip your skin causing, even more, acne and damage than before. This one is just stupid!

·         Snail slime skin cream

Umm…Nah. I will need to know if these are organic, non-GMO snails before putting that anywhere near my face! Thanks, but NO Thanks!

·         Pee (Yep, Urine!)

Not just any old urine, no. R. Kelly and the Carrot man cannot help you here. You must use your own pee-pee to cleanse your face with. It’s supposed to help with balancing skin and clearing it. Me? I could barely pee in the cup at the doctor during my pregnancies. I’ll pass on that, thank you!

Well, that about sums it up. I’m sure I’ll keep stumbling across crazy remedies. We love to try a quick fix, don’t we? But like I’m always saying, just take your time, learn to love the skin you’re in, and treat it right. The results will come when you learn to care for your skin the right way!

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May 23, 2017

My mom SWEARS that her mom would always use the urine of her babies for flawless skin. My mom suggests I do it whenever I have kids.

Gifted Tatum
Gifted Tatum

April 03, 2017

I’ve heard of infant or newborn pee. Have any study’s on that true?

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