OMG Lashes- Naturally!!

OMG! Isn’t it unfair how long, thick, and even curly men’s lashes seem to grow? What makes it worse is they couldn't care less, while we stress over every lash that exists on our little eyelids. The truth is, we put our lashes through a lot of stress through the use of makeup, false lashes, and other beauty products. The wear and tear we experience just through mascara alone makes us lose more lashes a day and improper use can even cause infection on your lash line. Are you cringing yet?! Ah, no worries; growing your lashes naturally is easy. 

There are many natural oils and serums you can use to help grow your lashes. However, preventative care is, as always, of the utmost importance. Washing your face and ensuring you never wear your makeup overnight can make a huge difference in your overall eye health and eyelash growth. I know you have heard it time and time again! It's time to truly implement this routine into your daily lifestyle. Losing hair is a part of growth but you don’t have to lose eyelashes unnecessarily. Washing your makeup off will also prevent styes, which are pimples that you can get on your lash line that can make your lashes more likely to fall out or break off. In addition, cleansing your brushes, never sharing makeup (especially mascara), and changing your mascara often will aid in your overall eye care. 

Now you’re ready to se-rum it up! Of course, there are many products available to help grow your lashes, but our favorite is The Butter Bar Bamboo Rosemary Lash and Eyebrow Serum! It contains two ingredients crucial for lash growth: castor oil {got castor oil in my bag-swag} and rosemary oil. Am I the only one who just wants to pour castor oil over my whole life?! In addition to its many other amazing qualities such as its ability to slay and lay your edges; castor oil contain and omega 3 fatty acid that penetrates your hair follicles and skin replenishing them to promote normal to extreme hair growth. Rosemary oil stimulates your hair follicles through increasing cell division and dilation of your blood vessels. What’s even more amazing about these serums and oils is they’re usually available at your nearest beauty supply store! Be sure to look for words such as “organic” or “raw” to get the purest, least processed oils. 

We recommend simply applying the oil/serum along your lash line at night after your normal skincare routine. Then, sit back and watch your eyelashes just  flourish and flutter!


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