Objection To Dry Skin

Welp-  There’s goes the scratching again, can dry skin catch a break? I mean, what is it going to take to have relief from the itchy cracked skin. Really, ashy skin can make a good day turn bad! Ever felt like the super parched skin is fighting back at you, letting you there’s a lack of harmony somewhere within. So, it starts to fuss you out by showing signs of dry patches and breakouts. How to stop the skin from complaining? Let’s gain control and repair dry skin irritations, you’ll have the last word!

Why does the skin get so dry? The natural moisture is unable to replenishing itself. In other words, dry skin disturbs the barrier on your skin and the moisture cannot flow evenly under the skin. Keep in mind, using moisturizers that have preservatives will certainly dry out the skin as well as your complexion. Fragrances can cause irritation and … you said it, dry skin.

BFFs for dry skin, if you suffering from this skin condition you are in the right place!                

  • Moisturize – use a moisturizer that is natural & will penetrate deep within the skin layers.                                                    
  • Exfoliate – rid the skin of dead skin cells & makes the skin less dry.
  • Toner – restores the PH balance, gives back the moisture after cleaning your complexion.                             
  • Mask – hydrates the skin, soothes, moisturizes, slough dead skin cells & exfoliates.                                               
  • Facial & Body Cleansers – natural skin care products will not have toxins that can pollute the skin and your bloodstream. Keep your body clean & fresh, always go natural.

Suddenly unattractive dry skin is softer, hydrated, and healthy! There’s a moisture surge going on under the layer’s skin of your skin. Ashy skin vanishes, exposing nourished radiant skin. Following the BFFs, dry skin will heal and ward off its return.


Toi Lancaster 

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