Non-Toxic Alternatives

Adapting to a more non-toxic and holistic lifestyle can be difficult for sure. The number one battle, however, is changing your mindset. In order for your life to change for the batter, your mindset and outlook on life must lead first. Even if that means leaving everything you’ve ever known behind, no matter where you learned it from. One common theme we see in communities of color is a tradition. Having tradition to uphold culture and customs is great, but at what cost? We’re not talking about family gatherings, food choices, business, or weddings; we’re talking about BEAUTY!

Just because your grandmother, aunts, and mother all slicked petroleum Vaseline and baby oil on at night before bed doesn’t mean you should too. I know you spent all of your life watching them sprinkle Johnson & Johnson baby powder all over to keep from sweating, but that doesn’t mean it is permissible. (Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder has been PROVEN to cause cancer in women, read the TIME article on their debacle HERE. We certainly cringe at the mere thought of frying our scalps with relaxers, the list of toxic beauty practices goes on for days. All we’re saying is, just because your elders did it, doesn’t make it right (don’t tell grandma we said that). When you know better, you do better. It is really that simple, and we made it SUPER EASY for our beloved beauties!


Check out our list of non-toxic beauty and skin alternatives to rebuild your collection below.

I’d say you’re pretty much armed and ready for a new beauty/body care arsenal. Congrats on taking another step to extend your life. Glow on beauties!

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