Natural Skincare for the Modern Woman

The modern woman recognizes the importance of an all natural skincare regime because she wants to look good and feel great. What's more, natural skincare brands are much better for your skin and can improve the appearance of acne and dry patches because they contain better ingredients. Learn why you should start following this growing trend.

Natural Skincare Is Best for You

Nature has given us everything we need to care for our skin and bodies, so it makes sense to harness its power and use natural skincare products. As their name suggests, all the ingredients are natural, which means they will be kind and gentle on your skin.

It may come as a surprise to you, but standard skincare products are not as stringently regulated as you might think. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't have to approve the ingredients that are put into a skincare product. If a brand deems it as safe, then that is good enough, which is concerning given that the ingredients will be absorbed into your body.

Research by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group shows that the average American woman puts around 168 chemicals on her face, body and hair each day. Some of the chemicals are completely harmless, but others are neurotoxins, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors, which have a negative effect on your body. Harmful chemicals found in personal care products have been linked to reproductive issues and cancer in women.


Protect Your Skin From Pollution

Scientists studying the effects of pollution on the skin have noted that it is likely to be the primary cause of aging skin in city dwellers. And nitrogen dioxide is one of the biggest contributors to the development of age spots.

In one study, scientists carried out research on people in Germany and China and found that age spots increased by 25 percent when they were exposed to small amounts of nitrogen dioxide. However, in many big cities, this pollutant reaches dangerously high levels. For instance, London broke its annual limit in the first week of 2016 with NO2 levels reaching a whopping 200 micrograms per cubic meter.

Natural skincare solutions help to combat pollution because they are rich in antioxidants, which protect skin from cell damage. These products also do not add to the problem like standard skincare products do because organic creams and lotions are not composed of parabens and other harmful chemicals.


A Growing Trend

The demand for natural skincare products is set to increase as conscious shoppers start to think more carefully about what they are putting on their skin. It appears that transparency is key because you just want to see a list of recognizable ingredients when you look on the back of a product.

How to Choose Natural Skincare Products

Due to a greater demand over the last decade, there is now a wide selection of natural skincare lines these days. Here's what to look for when purchasing natural skincare products:

  • Free from harmful chemicals, preservatives or irritants
  • GMO-free
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Not tested on animals
  • Carefully formulated with all natural skin care ingredients

Natural skincare brands are now a popular choice for many modern women as they discover the benefits of going back to nature.

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