Natural Aromatherapy

Do you ever stop to smell the flowers? Are you oddly satisfied with the smell of fresh fruit or herbs? These things are the natural makings of aromatherapy: the use of essential oils derived from plants to naturally create a positive, uplifting, and soothing response in your bodies’ mental and physical health. Most often, aromatherapy in achieved through the use of oils, dried fruits, flowers, and herbs, and even candles. Any one of these things can help you to achieve the natural relaxation and soothing feeling  you want, but what does your body want to smell? 

Essential oils are known to provide a host of benefits to your body, mind, and soul! There are way too many to name and their benefits are extensive, but here are a few of our favorites: 

Lavender- A floral scent good for sleep and relaxation, reducing headaches through smell, and reducing itching and swelling from bug bites when used topically. 

Rosemary- A fresh, herby smell good for reducing tension and fatigue.

Frankincense- This festive scent can be used as an astringent, digestive, antiseptic, and disinfectant.  

Peppermint- A common scent, this oil can relieve IBS symptoms when inhaled, and can help with things such as bug bites, muscle pain, sunburn relief, and itchy skin conditions when applied topically. 

Lemon- A light citrus filled with antioxidants to reduce inflammation, nausea, and boosting your immune system which can help fight anemia. 

Eucalyptus- This leafy scent is a natural medicine and can cure your body of a cough, clear mucus from your chest and sinuses, repel bugs, heal wounds, control blood sugar, and even reduce cold sores.  

Once you specify what you’re looking for out of your essential oil, you can explore the amazing ways to use them through aromatherapy. Most of the oils can be used on your skin, inhaled in small amounts through direct smell, oil burners, or diffusers. Next time you have a self love day, take a bath and make sure you include some aromatherapy essential oils. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you!

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