Nail Your Skin Routine – Morning & Evening

What are the steps that you take for your morning and evening skin care? Finding a skin care regimen that matches a healthy lifestyle is the best way to slow down the signs of aging.

Although you wake up every morning with the same skin you took to bed with you the night before, your morning skincare routine should not be the same as your evening skincare routine.

While it may be super convenient to use the exact same facial products both morning and night, it’s time to shake things up and make some changes to your PM and AM regimen. Here’s why.

Your skin is exposed to completely different things in the nighttime versus the daytime.

Think about it: The only thing your PM skin really needs to worry about is whatever is on your pillow and its own oil production.

On the flipside, your daytime skin is exposed to a practically endless variety of contaminants, including dirt, makeup, airborne pollutants and bacteria. Even seemingly harmless activities like talking on your cell phone expose your skin to more bacteria and impurities than you want to know about.

During the day, your skin’s role is mainly offensive, but at night, it quietly goes to work repairing itself and preparing for the next day. To support it in both functions, you need to make sure your PM and AM routines are a little bit different.

Morning Skincare Routine

  • Cleanse – The most important thing with a cleanser is that they be acidic or low pH. Shoot for a range of about 3-5.5 on the pH scale. This most closely matches the natural pH of your skin. When your skin’s pH is happy, you’re happy. Make sure you’re using a water-based cleanser in the morning.

PM Skincare Routine

Your PM skincare routine should focus on deep cleansing and nourishment. If you do it right, a good PM routine can help your skin repair itself and can even slow down the skin’s aging.

Here are a few steps you should include in your PM routine for best results:

  1. Cleanse with an effective cleanser
  2. Apply a nourishing, age-corrective serum
  3. Dab an eye repair serum around the eyes
  4. Smooth on a deep-penetrating moisturizer

Each of these products plays a very specific role in the evening skincare process. When used together, they can help soften the skin and give it the nourishment it needs to remain attractive and radiant despite the harsh conditions it faces every day.

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