Mist-ify Your Regimen

Imagine with us for a moment, that its summer...its miserably hot, and worst of all...you’re WALKING. Walking and walking, forever it seems...and then…you feel it; the soft, cool sprinkles of water on your face followed by a cool, refreshing breeze. Ahhh. Now that amazingness is what you call a mist! Mist, whether its water or another refreshing ingredient, adding mist into your daily regimen can literally give your skin that perk up, all day glow. Mist can come in the form of  toners, setting spray, and/or primer. 

There are a host of benefits that using mists provide such as: 

  • instant energy boost to lackluster skin
  • improve the overall health of your skin
  • healing benefits of aromatherapy
  • glowing complexion
  • skin hydration

Even better, mists are typically cost efficient and can even create them at home! With dry skin season approaching, your skin will likely need a pick me up throughout the day. These mists are extremely easy to make and incorporate into your daily routine. You would start out with your favorite herbal tea: Green, peppermint, or chamomile. Next you will add your essential oil, and hydrating oil such as jojoba, sweet almond or Vitamin E. Here are some of our favorite refreshing additives to include in your mist as well: Rosewater, aloe vera, coconut and cucumber. You really can determine what you use by assessing your skin's own needs but if acting as your own esthetician and diagnosing your skin's needs seems a bit much, here are some of our favorite Facial d.i.y mist recipes to try! 

Cooling Cucumber Toner 

Cucumber has gentle hydrating properties and witch hazel is slightly antiseptic and tightens pores making this a great DIY mist for oilier skin.


1 to 2 cucumbers

What to do: 

Witch hazel

Clean and grate cucumber over a bowl. Squeeze cucumber and collect the juice. Measure how much cucumber juice you have and add half the amount of witch hazel. Pour into your sterilized spray bottle.


Revitalizing Rose Water Toner

 Rose water revitalizes and softens the skin while maintaining its pH balance. The aroma calms the senses helping to aid relaxation and melt away stress.


1/2 cup rose water

1 tablespoon jojoba oil

What to do:

Mix ingredients and spritz.


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