Lashes 101

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but so are her lashes! One of the first things people notice on a woman is her eyes. With that being said it's important to take good care of your eye lashes, so when one looks into your eyes you are flawless.

Wearing lash extensions and taking them off properly or not giving your lashes time to breathe can do permanent damage to your lashes.  Every woman wants her eyes to draw attention with nice full long, medium, or short faux lashes, but many do not know how to take care or maintain their real ones. 

In beauty, we put a lot of stress on our lashes. Think about all the layers of mascara, eyelash curling, and us removing eye makeup aggressively. When you put all these factors into play, we have to stop and make sure we are having good lash care. There’s nothing quite like the look of a long, beautiful healthy set of eyelashes—whether false or your own. The idea is to give the illusion of an eyelift, appearing youthful. Here’s some tips and tricks to nourish and take care of your lashes.



Remove your mascara before bed! It's best to use an oil-based cleanser to help nourish your lashes. Keep in mind when choosing a makeup remover it should be strong enough to remove waterproof mascara yet gentle enough not to cause lash breakage or premature fallouts. Debris and dirt can irritate the root of your lash line and pores leading to infection and potential lash loss. 

Replace your mascara every three months after your first use. When the wand starts to dry up, it is recommended to wash it with antibacterial soap to reduce the risk of infections. This tactic removes residue from the brush and gives you a shot at getting any remaining product out.


With daily use, lash curler pads tend to carry bacteria and are recommended to be changed every six months to avoid irritation. When eyelash curler should be thrown away after one year of use. Overtime, the  structure of a lash curler begins to become less precise and results in a less perfect curl. Pads on the curler can deteriorate and tear over time, which leads to a damaged lash. It's best to clean the instrument with alcohol wipes or oil to avoid styles.


Organic oils you can use that will best clean your lashes is castor, jojoba, olive, or argan oil. It’s best to stay away from essential oils around the eye area, as they can cause an eye infection.


Lash extensions are all the rave nowadays. Everyone wants to have volumized lashes, thick and full. For women who are constantly on the go, the convenience of lash extensions are the best beauty investment you’ll ever make. When getting lash extensions it is recommended to get a refill every two to three weeks.

When getting you lashes done consistently, you can run into problems. Your lash health definitely suffers when getting extensions regularly, no matter what your lash tech says. Get them done for a special event, or on occasion to avoid breakage and fall outs. 

To reserve your lashes and reduce damage it's best to use a plant-based, fortifying lash serum. Organic formulas focus on length, health, and thickness. Stronger, healthier lashes equal long-lasting lash extensions.

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