Keeping Your Skin Hydrated in the Winter

Winter, winter, winter, winter. As if the stigma around dealing with the cold, not only for the cold months that have passed, but the even colder months ahead isn’t bad enough I am sure by now you’re also concerned with your dry, scaly skin.

Unfortunately, JUST moisturizer isn’t the answer. To keep your skin truly hydrated, you’re going to need more than moisturizer as your skin does not necessarily absorb any and every moisturizer. To be honest, you know what your skin most easily absorbs? Water. There’s a reason people tell you to drink water and it's not just because it tastes amazing. No, we aren’t saying just to throw water on your face, especially when your face is beat to the GAWDS, but your products should absolutely be water-based.

Ways to Keep your Skin Hydrated

  1. Avoid long, steamy showers.
  2. Use facial mists.
  3. Utilize a humidifier. 
  4. Drink LOTS of water.
  5. Use water based products (water should be one of the first ingredients).
  6. Use sunscreen if in direct sunlight. 
  7. Use lukewarm water or cool water. 
  8. Moisturize frequently.
  9. Apply moisturizer to damp skin. 
  10.  Select the right moisturizer for your skin type: dry, oily, combination of both,  or sensitive.

You know what my favorite part of these tips is? Most of them a FREE, easy, and convenient. Don’t you hate when someone gives you a tip and by the end of it you’re wondering if the outcome will be worth the hassle? Introducing these practices and some products into your skin routine won’t feel like a waste of energy or time, but will make all the difference during the winter months. This time, what easy will still be worth it. Happy hydrating! 



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