It's Written All-Over Your Face: Addressing Fine Lines & Wrinkles

When we were children we all wanted to be one thing, an adult. No one ever said life would be this hard. In all fairness, no one ever said life would be rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns either. As we get older; we develop romantic relationships, build families, start careers, and deal with the everyday bullshit that comes with being an adult. How does our mind process all of these factors? We do it through expression, facial expression especially. Outside occurrences can often leave you frowning in anger, crying tears, or just have you sitting looking crazy with the “WTF just happened” face. Either way, its written all over your face. Over time, repeated movement and expressions can leave permanent indentations and wrinkles on your face. Resting bitch face anybody? Today we will cover the most popular indicators of expression and provide you with some staple recommendations to keep in your arsenal!

 The Butter Bar Skincare Blog: Written All Over Your Face

CROWS FEET: These are tiny lines that start to form on the side of your face near the eye area. The expressions that contribute to Crows Feet are smiling, laughing, and even crying. Total opposites, we know. The layer of skin that surrounds our eyes are a lot thinner than the rest of our facial skin, making them more susceptible to signs of aging and repeated expression.


MBB Recommendation: Aloe Papaya Moringa Oil Facial Moisturizer


FROWN LINES: Simply stated, you’ve been frowning. Whether someone pissed you off, you’re deciding to pout, or you’re throwing the disgusted side eye to someone; frowning is inevitable. Try to keep calm, it eliminates stress and wrinkles!


MBB Recommendation: Straw-Burry R$ch Butter


DARK CIRCLES: Those hours upon hours of barely sleeping is catching up to you! Especially if you are straining your eyes looking at a screen all day. We know the Hustler’s Ideal of “grinding with no days off” but that’s not realistic for your body. Get 7-8 hours of sleep EVERY NIGHT and glow on!


MBB Recommendation: Under Eye Dark Circle Serum

 The Butter Bar Skincare Blog: Written All Over Your Face

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