Is Dairy Making My Acne Worse?

Is Dairy Making My Acne Worse?

Do you struggle with acne? Studies have shown that dairy can make severe acne worse!

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Dairy & Acne

Dairy products like milk, cheese, and kefir have been associated with chronic health problems for decades. Millions of women suffer from dairy intolerance and allergies, which can cause respiratory, stomach, and intestinal problems.

Recently, dairy has also been associated with severe acne. Dairy products can cause hormonal imbalances in women that will increase their skin’s natural oil production. As their skin cells produce more oil, their pores become clogged and minor breakouts turn into acne flare ups.

A Dairy Free Diet

If you struggle with acne, a dairy free diet can reduce breakouts and improve the look and feel of your skin. Cut down on milk, cheese, and other liquid dairy products; cottage cheese and cream cheese are also associated with chronic acne and can make minor flare ups worse. As you reduce the amount of dairy in your diet, your skin should start to clear up.

Other animal products, like fatty meats and eggs, have also been associated with serious health risks. Some women choose to remove all animal products from their diet to achieve optimal health, while others believe that a dairy free diet carries its own benefits. Before you make drastic changes in your diet, talk with a doctor or nutritionist to discuss all of the benefits and drawbacks of your choice.

Have you cut dairy out of your diet?
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  • Dairy was a major factor in my acne especially since I loved milk. I have cut it out and it has helped. There is a dew other things that add to my breakouts like dyed or scented soaps & lotions. What you ingest and put on your skin matters in most acne cases(aside from stress and hormone).Don’t let dermatologist tell you other wise!

    Lori on
  • Please send me more info on your products

    Tomeka Thomas on
  • What is good for dermatitis?

    Chassakia on

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