The Importance of Lip Scrubs During the Winter

BRRR! It’s coldd..your skin is dry, your lips are chapped and you’re starting to fear you may be turning into a scaly...lizard of some sort. Ok, that may be a bit dramatic but I know you understand the extremely dry skin that comes with the cold brisk of the winter air. Not to mention the effect it has on your beautiful face and lips! Your lips do not contain oil glands as do other parts of your skin and can become extremely chapped. This is not only due to the low humidity and dry air during the winter but can also result from sun exposure during the summer. If you don’t want dry, chapped, and peeling me, you need a good lip scrub in your life! 

Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of exfoliating your lips?! Allowing your lips to peel can make your lips feel extremely raw…yes raw! If they’re going to peel, lip scrubs are an easy and healthy way to aid them. Lip scrub eliminates impurities, moisturizes your lips, and even plumps them. By utilizing a natural lip scrub you are gently removing the soft, sensitive skin from your lips, and enhancing their color, texture, and even blood circulation. 

How to Use Lip Scrubs:

  1. Apply scrub
  2. Massage onto lips thoroughly for five minutes. 
  3. Rinse with room temperature water. 
  4. Apply lip balm. 

Lip scrubbing can be completed up to 2-3 times a week and should always be followed by a moisturizer. We recommend natural scrubs that may utilize sugar and/or essential oils. This is because smaller particles than sugar can be too harsh for the delicate skin of your lips and can cause the same raw feeling of allowing them to peel without moisture. In addition, after softening your lips, the essential oils are easily absorbed therefore moisturizing and protecting your lips while the new layer of skin is exposed to the air and environment. Ok, I know I had you at “plumping”, so here’s our favorite natural lip scrub: the Butter Bar Lip Scrub with Vitamin E!

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