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Hydrating, beyond WATER!

October 02 2019 – Tyra Johnson-Brown

Hydrating, beyond WATER!

Hydrating, beyond WATER!

It’s normal. We go from summer to fall to winter and with it goes our extra hydrated naturally glowing skin. Before you know it your skin is getting more and more dry and moisturizer and water are clearly not doing enough [which sounds crazy, we know]. The issue is that your skin needs to be able to naturally hydrate itself, moisturize your skin cells internally and externally to get rid of the dullness that comes with the lack of excess sun. Sometimes, the moisturizers we use, and overuse of products and other factors we expose our skin to, can cause your skin to be dull and lack hydration. 

Now I know you aren’t worried, because as always, we got you! Let’s explore some tips and tricks to allow your face to achieve natural hydration and prevent it from becoming dull or dry. 


Water intake and use of water on your skin is important. However, as we know, a lot of the water we get from our faucets can be heavily chlorinated. Very hot water with chlorine and other compounds can excessively dry your skin, or even remove an important layer of skin from your face that holds your moisture. When showering, try letting the steam hit your face rather than holding your face under running water!


If you are maintaining a skincare routine and wash your face in the evening and morning. It can be easy for your skin to dry out quickly. Try to use mild cleansers that won’t wash the sebum from your skin. Sebum is your skin’s natural way of slowing down the loss of water from your skin. Rose water is a great alternative!


Humectants are molecules that bind water to themselves, acting like little sponges on your skin that hold onto water.Some of the best natural humectants are aloe vera, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water (which is also why it reduces the appearance of wrinkles – it plumps them up, but only temporarily). Occlusives, on the other hand, form a barrier-like layer on the surface of your skin, preventing the water from escaping. They include plant oils, shea butter, mango butter and others. 


We all use an excess of products. However, you want to use them in the best order to ensure they actually lock in the moisture they should provide to your skin. The right way to layer the products is to apply the water-based ones first, as they easily penetrate the skin, and then seal that moisture in with an oil.


Cold water humidifier helps to keep the optimal moisture in the air, especially during the air-conditioning season. Use essential oils for additional benefits to your skin and the air in your home! 

These are just a few of the ways to naturally increase your skin's hydration and ability to lock in and maintain moisture. Hydrating toners are an amazing way to hydrate as well! The Yucca, Sugar & Hibiscus Hydrating Facial Mist is one of our personal faves!


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