How To Throw An Awesome "Galentines" Day Party

Create your very own Spa Day with the girls at home. You and your girlfriends deserve an afternoon of relaxation and pampering. It’s time to show and give self-love and recognize everyone’s the best qualities including yourself!


For Galentines Day the My Butter Bar team celebrates the host, first! Thank you for bringing together your kindred spirits, allowing each of them to feel alive, loved and refreshed.

Opening your doors provide a soothing environment of comfort while enhancing your BFF’s inner and outer beauty.


Cheers, this toast is for you!


Now on to the planning, listed below are beautiful spa effects that will turn your home into a tranquil atmosphere.


Here’s a simple guide to fashion your private space into fun and great memories!


No shoes or pets allowed spread red, pink, and white silk rose petals all over the floors. Chose music and candles that will calm the mind, body, and soul. Select scents that can transform spirits and revamp productivity. My suggestions are aromatherapy lavender or eucalyptus.


Set up Stations


Use the kitchen to serve cups of relaxing hot tea. The kitchen table becomes the manicure treatment space. Every friend should have their very own fingernail file as a gift. A few bottles of nail polish, fingernail polish remover, cotton pads, and hand cream is all that you need.

Use the dining room area for foot soakology treatments. Purchase inexpensive plastic wash basins that match the silk rose petals. You will also need smooth stones or glass pebbles to place in the bottom of each basin. Have towels and a nourishing foot moisturizer ready. As a gift, each friend should take home their foot basin.

Use the bathroom for facial and mask treatments. Have plenty of soft face towels and drying towels. Provide a sample of your favorite mask as a gift.

Use the living room as a meditation sanctuary. Push all furniture aside and place down yoga mats. Use this quiet time to exhale, reflect, and meditate.


At the end of the spa day, form a circle. Sitting quietly on the floor, it’s time for “Love You Back,” each friend is to share openly their gratitude toward each friend. Let the love resound! If forgiveness needs to be expressed let it flow with large amounts of calmness and listen with full open ears and hearts. Place a box of tissues in the center of the circle. You, the host will start first. The purpose of “Love You Back” is to emotionally help everyone relieve stress, fear, doubts and true confessions does bring healing.


Positively, no one should feel the same way as they arrived. A strong sisterhood requires a strong devotion towards one another. Learn from each lesson and keep in step with Mother Wisdom!


Happy Galentines Day!


Toi Lancaster

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