How to Reduce Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots Using Natural Products

How many products do you have in your bathroom to reduce your hyperpigmentation? 

Do they actually work? It’s frustrating, I know! One day you’re product sampling and next thing you know you’ve become a complete product hoarder. :gasp: It can happen easier than we realize when searching for the right product to get those pesky dark spots off of your glowing face.

Maybe, it’s time for something new?

Natural skincare products aren’t just a new trend; they are also often cheaper, more safe than popular products containing chemicals, and more effective. One may think that chemicals in products make them more effective, but the truth is...there are plenty of ways to reduce hyperpigmentation and many of them are as natural as the green earth. 

There are plenty of home remedies you can try, using items that you may already keep in your home. Try a few of these tips up to twice a week to start reducing your hyperpigmentation immediately: 

  • Use diluted raw apple cider vinegar twice a day up to 3 times a week. Simply apply apple cider vinegar to your face and rinse with lukewarm water after about 5-7 minutes. Be sure to use a good moisturizer!
  • Use raw aloe vera in your night time routine, rinse in the morning and apply a moisturizer. 
  • Steep green tea bags, cool, and rub on your face twice a day to reduce hyperpigmentation. Be sure not to apply them to your face while hot, do a skin test on your inner wrist to gauge the temperature.   
  • Maintain a skin care routine including exfoliation and skin brushing. Skin brushes should have soft straight bristles and help to remove dead skin while increasing blood circulation. 
  • Find products that contain licorice extract which can reduce hyperpigmentation from sun exposure.  
  • Always wear sunscreen as hyperpigmentation can be worsened by sun exposure. 

These are just a few things you can do that are extremely effective in reducing your hyperpigmentation, and you can see results almost immediately. Some other natural products you can utilize are: red onion peels, black tea water, milk, orchid extracts, Vitamin C, citric, and salicylic acid.

Most of these ingredients are present in natural products and can be purchased at your local markets. Incorporating these tips into your routine surely can’t hurt you pockets anymore than buying 17 different items every few months with the hope of making a difference. Once you see the difference natural products can make, you won’t ever have to product hoard again!

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