How to Multi-Mask for Your Skin Win

What is Multi-Masking? And should you be doing it?  Multi-masking is quite useful and practical. It simply means applying more than one facial mask to your face at the same time. Sometimes it is possible to have a mixture of two or more skin types. By applying two or more face mask it allows you to deal with multiple skin issues that you may be dealing with.  Skin care isn’t a one size fits all remedy today. There are so many facial masks available to identify and treat various skin concerns.  Though our skin demonstrates the properties of one skin type for most of the time, sometimes this can change. And this is because of diet change, climate change, change of the seasons and physical changes to your body.

Multi-Masking for Your Skin Type

Skin types are rarely very consistent. Regardless of your skin type, always properly prep your skin before applying your facial masks. Remove all makeup and cleanse your skin using lukewarm water, which helps soften up your pores. Next, how do you figure out which mask is right for you?

  • Combination Oily/Dry Skin

If you are experiencing oily skin in your T-zone and dry patches to your skin in your cheek areas, you want to use a purifying or mattifying clay mask and pair it with cream or gel mask that focuses and targets hydration. We offer several clay masks that will leave your skin smooth and glowing.

Our Pink Grapefruit & Coconut Water Intense Moisturizer is the perfect blend to keep your skin hydrated and supple.

  • Aging Skin that frequently experiences Breakouts – fine lines or wrinkles, loss of elasticity, blemishes and aging skin

In this instance to treat your skin issues, select a variety of masks that suit your skin care needs. It would be best to apply the mask that needs to stay on your skin the longest, then move on to the masks that require the least amount of time on your face.

  • Sensitive Skin

If you suffer from irritated skin, and still want the benefit from masking, try our Oats & Green Tea Set to perfectly soothe your skin. 

  • Calming Stressed Out Skin

A stressful week can stress out your skin, add dark circles under your eyes, and even dull your lips. Try our Undereye Dark Circle Serum to brighten and diminish shadows under the eyes. And our Vegan Lip Scrub which will leave your lips smooth and soft. 

It has been noted that Multi-masking a help add some also helps to add much-needed nutrients to the various facial areas. This depends on your requirements at the time these masks were used.

Multi-masking is primarily about serving the purpose and all about giving your various skin conditions the much needed therapy each skin condition requires.

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