How to Maintain Your Skin While in College

Going off to college means uprooting your entire schedule -- new friends, junk food, parties, and of course late-night studying sessions. No “borrowing” mom’s sugar scrubs or facial creams anymore.  And if you are a second, or third year student, sometimes, amid classes, studying, homework, meetings and maintaining a social life, college students forget to maintain their health, especially their skin care. So, if you are not careful, the healthy skin you came in with will quickly change.

Proper Rest

On the nights that you may be tempted to pull an all-nighter to study for an exam or stay out until 3 a.m. partying with friends, try your absolute best not to make that a habit. Sleep deprivation can lead to reduced brain function, fatigue, headaches and weight loss or gain. Which all has a huge impact on healthy skin. It is suggested that college students get between seven and nine hours of sleep and getting this amount can improve overall health. If you can stick to a schedule that works with your classes, try taking a short nap during the day, and keep your room dark and quiet before bedtime.

Best Skin Care Practice

  • Drink lots of water

Drinking water throughout your day will guarantee that your body, and your skin will get the proper hydration that it needs.

  • Maintain a healthy and balanced diet:

What you eat can cause acne, and regular consumption of unhealthy foods just isn't the best practice for healthy skin or a healthy body. A lot of late nights with friends involve unhealthy foods like pizza, fried chicken, chips and soda. Stay prepared by keeping your regular meals full of healthy fruits and vegetables. Then, when you do decide to have a cheat day, you won’t feel guilty because you know that you haven’t been loading your body with a bunch of unhealthy options.

  • Remove all make up:

While you are sound asleep at night, your skin is working hard to rejuvenate fresh new skin cells. So, your skin needs time to breathe, so clean it each night. It’s best to wash and rinse your face thoroughly at the end of  your day to really get rid of all the daily dirt and grime that your skin has accumulated.

Best practice may be to wash your face before you start your homework or watch your favorite show. Because, then it will be done if you are too tired and are tempted to skip out on washing it.

  • Skincare Essentials:

Being prepared and organized will mean you always have the products that you need on hand. You can shop for our skin care regimen sets, bath collections, toners, and moisturizers here.  Here is what you need to stay ahead of the curve. 

    • Face cleanser
    • Toner, if desired
    • Day and night moisturizer (SPF for day, no SPF needed at night)
    • Acne spot treatment
    • Body wash
    • Lotion

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