How to get your boyfriend into Skincare

Ok ladies, I promise this is going to be your favorite “HOW TO” for a long time to come! Not just because it’s so eloquently written :smile: but because I knowww you will feel me when I say “I am tired of my boyfriend using all my BEST skincare products!” I mean, is it just me? When we were dating, his face was like a beautiful, bacterial playground with excess oil, blackheads and whiteheads to feed an addiction to extractions for at least a year. I literally changed my pillow cases after he would sleep over. No, I am not ragging on my man, but we all know they don’t take as good care of their skin as we do ours. We also know that sharing pillow cases and other linen is an easy way to spread acne and other skincare issues. So like it or not, the person you may be with the most can be the biggest cause of your breakouts. 

So, how do you get them out your products and into finding their own? Knowledge. Opening people to new information is a great way to ignite a new passion for them. We know the difference between blackheads, white heads, and pimples. Many women also know that a regular skincare routine and keeping a clean diet leads to overall healthier skin. Now, don’t go bombarding him with knowledge, chances are he may not internalize everything you’re saying. Instead, give the information slowly. When...yes when... he has breakouts tell him what it is and then inform him of the healthy way to get rid of it.  

Now, this is important, you also have to lead by example. You should maintain your own skincare routine, clean diet, and even other skincare tricks such as exfoliating. This way, you can show him the results of what you’re doing through clean, clear, and healthy skin while encouraging him to be curious of your “crazy rituals”. When you’re doing treatments like masks, exfoliating, or skin brushing that is a great time to explain what you’re doing and why, and to be specific. Remember to remain encouraging, consistent, and positive! A healthy environment will help him to be open and understanding to ideas and even products. Which brings me to the last, and probably the most important point...PRODUCTS!

Help him to find the right products for the issues he has with his skin. Lord knows, if he uses another drop of your “liquid gold” Melan-in Serum, you just might cut him off cold turkey! 

If you can’t figure out just what to recommend, it is always great to start with a detox. Try the D.E.E.P Skin Detox Box, and introduce the products slowly: start with cleansers and moisturizers. 

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