How To Detox Skin After a Night of Partying

How To Detox Skin After a Night of Partying

It’s the morning after hanging out with friends and drinking way too much. Thoughts from last night start to float around in the head… the night on the town was fun. Right? Until you look in the mirror and OMGoodness, toxic dehydrated skin is staring back at you, and it’s not pretty! You notice the punishment of every tasty cocktail settled in your complexion. Oops, you did not prepare your skin from deprivation. The natural nutrients and vitamin A that are vital for keeping your skin healthy are all dried out.
Feeling flustered? Immediate action is required!

Pre-Party Skincare Prep

A. Day of drinking - drink plenty of coconut water or plain water.
B. Day of drinking - use a deep penetrating moisturizing mask.
C. If at all possible avoid wearing makeup day of drinking – apply
your moisture three times that day.
D. Night of drinking - drink Less.

Post-Party Skincare Detox

Release Toxins

A. The day after – dry brush your face and body.
B. The day after – use a face and body scrub.
C. The day after – use a Charcoal Clay mask for face and body.
D. The day after – soak in Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar.
E. The day after – workout, sweating releases impurities.
F. The day after – eat plenty of fresh fruit and green vegetables.
G. Day after - drink plenty of tomato or pineapple juice.

Rehydration: replenish the natural moisture and water back into skin cells and the skin before applying your moisturizer. Here are a few essential oils to hydrate and soothe your skin naturally; before your bath or shower massage extra virgin olive oil all over your body. Use a few drops of jojoba oil on your face and entire body after cleansing, if you desire extra hydration follow up with your moisturizers. Cold Pressed Avocado oil, apply to a clean damp face and body and gently rub into your skin, boost maximal results use your moisturizer.

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