How to Create a Vegan Skin Care Routine

A vegan skin care routine generally involves the use of natural ingredients derived from plants rather than the use of skin care products made artificially from chemical ingredients.

Artificial skin care products may work in the short term, but because of the harshness of many of the chemicals used, they can cause damage to not just your skin, but your health too.

Ultimately, the toxins present in many popular skin care products can have lasting negative effects, which is why a vegan skin care routine that uses organic and all natural products is the best option for caring for your skin.

There are many options for creating a vegan skin care routine which works for your needs. If you are unsure of where to start, the following vegan skin care routine is a good place to start while you figure out what methods and products work for you.


1. Cleanse Your Face

You want to care for your skin the same way you care for your teeth and cleanse it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

For a vegan skincare routine, use all natural soaps such as the Charcoal-Moringa Detoxifying Juicy Soap Bar. Also, you can clean your face with a rose garden facial wash which works perfectly for both cleansing and removing makeup.

2. Don't Forget to Exfoliate

Exfoliating is important to help remove dead skin from your body. However, you want to be very gentle when you exfoliate. If you are too rough with your skin, you will damage or tear your skin, which is not the goal. For exfoliating, use a mixture of equal portions of both salt and almond oil. This tends to remove impurities without removing oils.

3. Steam for Soft Skin

After exfoliating take the time to steam your face. It is a very cheap, natural and relaxing method of caring for your skin, which helps to soften and further cleanse your skin, as well as aid in circulation.

Pour boiling water in a bowl, place a towel over your head and then put your head over the bowl, letting the steam hit your face. The addition of either tea bags or essential oils to the water also helps in generating a good aroma.

4. Tone to Fight Blemishes

Toning is used to help soothe your skin, even out your skin tone and remove any blemishes. As part of your skin care routine, this is done several times a week using a toner which has aloe vera gel that helps care for the skin if it is irritated or you're having a breakout.

If you feel like a breakout is imminent or blemishes begin to appear, try a toner that has an anti-bacterial agent to help prevent the breakout from happening or getting worse. You should let the skin absorb the toner for about five minutes before moisturizing.

5. Moisturize to Keep Skin Soft

Once your face has been cleansed, steamed and toned, you want to moisturize to prevent dryness and keep your skin feeling nice and soft. After cleansing, gently dry your face and apply a Straw-burry R$ch Butter or The Original Royal Oil. Also, don't forget to care for your lips by applying a layer of beeswax lip balm to prevent them from being dry and cracked.


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