How To Care For Combination Skin

What is it?

Occurring all at once, this skin type can be normal, oily and dry in certain areas on the face. What is the number one skin care question? “Do you know your skin type?” Knowing the answer can protect skin from damage and gives you more control over choosing the right skincare products. Combination skin can be complicated to manage, but with the right regimen and care, it can be balanced.


Choosing the right regimen:
The first thing you want to do is to open up your beauty cabinet and read the labels. Are the descriptions and ingredients on the products addressing your skin care needs? If not, discard them immediately! Also, remember that chemical-filled products are harsh and can dry out parts of the skin, overly stimulating the oil production glands (sebum) which can create more oily skin areas.


-          Facial Cleansers / Moisturizers

Switching to more natural skincare, or skincare that addresses multiple skin types can help to improve your skin’s overall tone and bring balance to your complexion. Stop using aggravating bar soaps and instead choose a gentle cleanser, like the Flawless Facial Black Honey Cleanser. Ideal for combination skin types, as it both controls oil and adds back enough moisture to the skin at the same time. Likewise, you’ll want to follow up with the Flawless Facial Aloe-Papaya Moringa Oil Facial Moisturizer which does the same for skin.


-          The T-Zone

The “T-zone” is made up of the following areas of your face: chin, forehead, nose, and skin circling the mouth. The T-Zone produces higher amounts of oil due to the glands. What usually happens to the T-zone is, sebum produces excessively creating oil which in turn makes your face look and feel greasy. So, how do you master the oiliness? Toners! However, you should avoid toners that contain witch hazel, alcohol and menthol, as these ingredients will dry out your skin. Combination skin needs a non-irritating toner that will help secure moisture within the layers of your skin. Try the Flawless Facial Apple, Honey, and Green Tea Face Toner. It contains apple cider vinegar to balance oils, aloe to add back hydration, and raw honey as a moisture booster that won’t leave you shiny!


-          Multi-Masking

If you have never tried more than one mask at a time, your skin is in for a treat. I recommend that you use an oil-controlling mask in your T-zone, like our Charcoal-Clay Face/Body Mask and a moisture-rich mask, like the Honey-Clay Face /Body Mask for the dry areas of your face. Apply these masks with a masking brush or use clean fingertips. Leave them until the mask is fully dry about 15-20mins. Rinse with warm water and don’t forget to moisturize afterward.


Controlling skin problems as you have read is simple. We are on this journey together. Remain diligent with your natural skincare routine and glowing, balanced skin will be the end conclusions.


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