How Much Skincare Should I Apply Daily?

The best way to ensure better results from your skin care products, would be to use them the right way. From cleansers and serums to moisturizers and more.


Whether you choose a cream, gel or liquid cleanser, look to squeeze out about one cranberry's size and volume. That's really all you need, regardless if the formula suds up or not.

If you double cleanse to remove waterproof makeup, go for half the amount during the first rinse, then follow up with the other half to wash away long-wear foundations and mascaras.


A pea-sized amount of serum gives your skin a concentrated boost of ingredients that help with hydration, exfoliation, acne, or dull skin. 


More is more, right? Wrong! Concentrated serums might offer double or triple the active ingredients of your anti-aging creams and dousing skin may lead to irritation. A pea-sized drop is all you need! When portioning out grainy scrubs, keep your dollop to that volume to cover both your face and neck. As a general rule, you should exfoliate gingerly once or twice a week at most.


New technology in skin care helps active ingredients absorb and moisturize deeply, without the sticky, oily residue. For both morning moisturizers and night creams, aim for the volume and length of one almond. To apply, dot lotion all over your face and neck before smoothing it out for even distribution.

Eye Cream

"Apply sparingly" is the particularly vague wording many packages use. Brands usually don't offer a specific amount of product to use, but you need less eye cream than you probably imagined. Think a sunflower seed's worth for each eye, yup that's it, a little goes a long way!

The rich emollients in eye cream have been designed to absorb deeply, so a small smear will do the job. Too much product will increase the risk of eye irritation and may even interfere with makeup application. Cake-y concealer? This may be the change you need.


Whether you're opting for a chemical or physical sunscreen, efficacy is reliant on fully covering skin's real estate. When it comes to your face and neck, scoop out a portion like one plump grape and make sure to cover the top of your ears and through your hairline.


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