How Long Until I See Results?

We all want that perfect skin, that perfect glow with little to no blemishes. Especially on our faces. So, it can be somewhat frustrating when you find new skincare products, but you aren’t quite seeing the results right away. There are products that may seemingly provide almost immediate results, but without consistency and a change in mindset and habit, we can almost bet that those results will not become a mainstay.  

Here are the facts. Acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, deep wrinkles, and large pores can take the longest to correct since the ingredients are being delivered to the deeper layers of the skin to remold and rebuild collagen. The remedy to these skincare challenges often take more than just products themselves.  Since this process takes time to see on the surface, many give up and move on to the next “best” product before giving the original product a real fighting chance to do its job. And depending on the severity of the damage and how much correction you are looking for, you may need to supplement your regimen with professional services like peels, facials, or even laser treatments.

So, plan to commit to a new skin-care regimen anywhere from six to twelve weeks to begin to see results. Only consistency, a change in mindset and daily habits will produce long-term results.

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Beautiful Skin Takes Patience and Commitment

Let’s take a look at some common skin issues, and what it looks like to be patient in healing those skin mishaps.

Oral medications (which we frown upon) take a month to start working, while many topical regimens take six to twelve weeks. When it comes to breakouts, there are many different kinds, from blocked pores to cystic bumps. Skin needs to be monitored to see if the products are improving your complexion on the earlier end of that time frame and then be adjusted if needed for results that should fully come to surface towards the end of that period.

Fine lines and wrinkles on your skin or around the eyes take about six weeks to start seeing a visible difference, with even further and more noticeable improvement arriving in another wave a few weeks later

To see dark spots disappear, you need to wait at minimum two to three months. Let me also remind you, skin-brightening regimens absolutely don’t work if you skip daily sun protection. Pigment also almost always recurs intermittently with sun exposure, so continued maintenance with sun protection, a powerful brightening skin-care regimen, and facial peels are needed for best results. 

Like acne, rosacea treatments vary according to the type of rosacea, whether it forms in bumps, pustules, redness, or inflamed blood vessels. Oral medications can take about a month to work, while topical regimens require patience at two to three months.

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