How Long Does It Really Take for Skin-Care Products to Deliver Results?

There’s so much focus on skincare and skincare products, but if you really want glowing blemish-free skin, you’ve got to work on the health of your entire body in addition to practicing a solid skincare regimen.  So, remember to make taking care of yourself a priority by eating a balanced diet, getting good rest, exercising, and keeping stress to a minimum.

How long exactly should you stick with any skincare regimen? There aren’t too many overnight formulas available for skin improvement. Patience is a virtue, which is why it pays to be patient as you work through your new and or daily skincare regimen. It ultimately depends on the skin issues you are looking to treat and given the range of skin-care routines and options out there, it is not always easy to know exactly when results will appear. It takes about 28 to 30 days for skin cells to turn over, which means that most if not almost all products require at least one month of use before you’ll see consistent results. Here is a closer look at more commonly used products and the length of time you can expect to see positive results for healthier glowing skin.



Cleansers are used to remove dirt and excess oil without stripping moisture from your skin. This can be for sensitive skin, oily skin, combination skin, and acne-prone skin. Using our Flawless Facial Black Honey Wash can result in less oily skin immediately after one use. You will notice reduction in active acne and enlarged pores typically seen within the first two weeks. Some acne cleansers have added ingredients to clear up acne and improve your skin’s overall improvement. 



Healing acne scars and marks is about repairing and resurfacing damaged tissue. Using rough brushes and coarse materials could be damaging the tissue even more. So, avoid using abrasive products on your skin, even over-exfoliating, or over-cleansing your skin leaving it dry, dehydrated, red, irritated, and inflamed. If you’re regularly exfoliating your skin, you will see over time your skins appearance improving. It can take up to 3-6 months or more to start seeing results. Over  time you will see the texture of your skin become much smoother, marks will fade, damaged tissue will repair, and overall your skin will become healthier, even, and glowing. 


Everyone needs a moisturizer; yes, even if you have oily or acne-prone skin. A moisturizer will prevent your skin from dehydrating, and this includes skincare for your body as well. So be thorough and protect your skin. You will feel the results of a good moisturizer as soon as it absorbs, you’ll begin seeing the results in your skin after using it consistently for one to two weeks! 



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