Hotel Soap Sucks – Travel Skincare Checklist!

When you stay at a hotel for multiple nights and they set out two bars of soap each day, what do you do with it? Do you just leave it there, or do you take it home with you? There was a time when you traveled and stocked up on the hotel complimentary soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Today, not so mush. Many people bring their own skincare and body care products because they are paying much more attention to their skincare regimen. Especially if they have sensitive skin, these miniature soaps are more than likely not a good mix for your particular skin type. So...what are some of the must haves for your travel skincare checklist?

It's no doubt that big changes in routine and the environment can cause chaos with your skin. Whether you're driving to a family reunion, taking the train for a weekend getaway, or jet-setting halfway around the world, there's no question that traveling can be stressful and wreak havoc on your "sensitive" skin. Trying to look good while you're traveling can pretty much exhausting...

Skincare Travel Checklist: What to Pack?

Just like luggage, the functionality of toiletry bags matter. Depending on how and where you are traveling will determine the options for your skincare needs. Many of the items won’t change, but there will be times where versatility comes into play. 

Below is a simple list of skincare and beauty care items you’d want to pack when you travel. 

Skin Care Routine

All skincare should be popped into a plastic, sealable bag. Ideally, it would be best for you to transfer your essential skin care into travel-safe containers that won’t leak.

Soap/Body Wash 

Natural Sea Sponges 


Body Moisturizer

Face Cleanser 

Face Moisturizer 



Hair Care Routine

Let’s face it, many of us prefer to bring along our own shampoo and conditioner rather than leave it up to our hotel to pick one for us! And rightfully so - pack your favorites along by using a TSA-approved travel container (if you’re flying) or pick up a travel-sized version of your current must-have and stay prepared.

Make Up Routine

During air travel it’s great to switch out your go-to liquids for formulas which can be easier to travel with since they can simply go into your normal makeup bag

Be prepared with all of your Butter Bar essentials on your next trip. What's one thing that you cannot leave home without?

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