Hormonal Acne

Being a woman is one of the greatest privileges in the world. We are gifts. We’re smart, beautiful, fearless, strong; the list of positive and empowering attributes can go on for days. However, there is one little thing that appears pretty often and annoys us all as a collective; PERIODS. For most women, when our periods arrive each month all we want to do is relax in the comfort of our homes with less than healthy snacks for a few days. No, we don’t really want to be bothered, sorry not sorry.

Side Note: Ladies, should we petition to make this a thing? Do we need to explore monthly time off for our periods? We vote, yes!

You’d think the period woes stop there but, of course not. Along with the inconvenience of dying a slow painful death (we’re being totally dramatic), you can also encounter hormonal acne. Hormonal acne is the untimely breakouts that happen around the start of your cycle.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the matter beauties.

What is Hormonal Acne (HA)?

Breakouts that occur as a result of sudden hormonal influx or imbalance within the body.

What triggers a hormonal acne breakout?  

The most common reasons for breakouts are menstrual cycles. HA (jokes on us) can also be triggered due to pregnancy, menopause, and in women who suffer from PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Is Hormonal Acne Preventable?

We hate the be the bearers of bad news, but no. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about natures clock taking its course each month. This will undoubtedly shift your hormonal balance which could possibly result in an outbreak.

How can I treat Hormonal Acne?

This is the prime time to give yourself a thorough, deep cleansing skincare treatment. Our Advanced Flawless Facial System is the perfect solution for monthly and bi-weekly deep cleansing treatments!

Already have a tried and true method for dealing with HA? Share with your fellow #ButterBarBeauties below!

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