Gorgeous Skin is Just a Suga Plump Away

Did you know that how good your skin appears is determined by how well it’s supported from inside & outside? We are just going to get right to it. Our Suga Plump Serum + Squalane is a uniquely formulated plant-based, natural product that delivers multiple benefits of acting on superficial layers of the skin and deep skin structures to produce gorgeous skin. 

Here are 5 ways our Sugar Plump Serum + Squaline works to help produce the appearance of gorgeous skin:

1. Boosts the appearance of firm, elastic, healthy skin

The serum is rich in active ingredients that nourish the skin with essential nutrients for development and maintenance of firm, elastic and healthy skin. Production of collagen protein microfibers and complex sugar molecules that form the matrix of skin connective tissue appear to be boosted by these essential nutrients to provide structure and support to the skin. Use of plant-derived, natural, high potent ingredients in formulating Suga Plump Serum + Squalane facilitates incorporation of these ingredients into the skin for rapid effect. With consistent and regular use of the serum, the proper structure and function of both superficial and deep skin connective tissues appear to be boosted. This helps to increase skin thickness and elasticity. The protective skin barrier is also preserved to reduce water loss and prevent skin dryness, peeling or cracking. Since the serum helps to firm up skin connective tissues, its constant use is of benefit in managing sagging skin. Suga Plump Serum + Squalane is your choice skincare product if your skin is becoming thinner and more translucent skin.      

 2. Supports hydration, moisturization and lubrication of dry skin type

Squalane Oil is a powerful emollient which hydrates, moisturizes and lubricates the skin for vibrant and healthy appearance. It’s lightweight, doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, easily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t clog skin pores. It penetrates skin pores to keep deeper skin structures lubricated and supple. As a humectant, Squalane Oil pulls moisture from the air, seals and locks in moisture by forming an oily layer on the skin. Suga Plump Serum + Squalane is a vital addition to our select skincare products for Dry Skin Type or Mature Skin experiencing dryness. For best results, massage the serum into your clean, damp skin and overlay with our custom-made skin moisturizer that's best for your skin type.   

3. Balances skin oil production in oily skin type

The serum is also beneficial to individuals with oily skin type. Squalane Oil is noncomedogenic as it doesn’t clog skin pores to cause acne. Squalane Oil in the serum regulates sebum (oil) production in the sebaceous gland to balance skin oil for maintenance of optimal hydration and lubrication. This promotes skin health and helps to prevent acne caused by skin pores clogged as a result of excessive sebum production. For beauties with oily skin type, add this serum to your main skincare products of our customized oily skin collection.

 4. It’s Antiaging and anti-inflammatory properties promote appearance of youthful and clear skin 

The serum contains active ingredients that help to protect against sun damage which can cause premature skin aging, reverse free radical-mediated skin cell damage and alleviate inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. These multiple skin health benefits of the serum will help you to achieve youthful, unblemished skin.    

 5. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles, especially on skin areas such as face and hands that are not usually covered by clothes cause cosmetic problems and may give the impression of whole-body skin flaws. Fine lines and wrinkles develop in relation to mature skin, premature skin aging, or skin cell damage by sun or free radicals. If you’re worried about the presence or possible appearance of fine lines or wrinkles on your skin, our Suga Plump Serum + Squalane is your go-to skincare product for natural remedy. Skin fine lines and wrinkles appear to be reduced by application of the serum as it helps to address the root causes of these skin flaws.


So as you can see our Suga Plump Serum + Squalane is handcrafted and custom-made with natural ingredients that improve skin glow after a single use. The active ingredients in the serum work at superficial and deep skin layers and by multiple mechanisms to support natural remedy for numerous skin flaws. The serum has beneficial effects on dry, oily and mature, dry skin types. Squalane Oil is a noncomedogenic oil that helps to keep dry skin hydrated and lubricated, and oily skin acne free. This leaves your skin hydrated and soft, firm and elastic, clear and youthful, healthy and glowing.












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