Glowing Skin While Traveling

There are many factors that contribute to the integrity of your skin all year round. Shifting of seasons, excess production of oils or lack thereof, and traveling. We know, that may be confusing for some but yes, traveling has a direct effect on the state of your skin.


This may seem pretty weird since you’re only hopping on a plane and catching a quick nap, right? Flying is a hassle on its own, why does my skin have to be a factor? We know, it’s a lot to tackle. Today we’ll do some explaining and a ton of simplifying so you can travel and glow seamlessly.

Skin-Friendly Tips for Traveling The Friendly Skies


While in flight, humidity levels are dropped to about 15-20%. Yes, this may be a good thing for your hairstyle but your skin is mildly suffering from lack of humidity in the atmosphere. The altitudes are also a contributing factor. The higher the altitude, the drier the air. Which means you need to board the plane with a liter of water for maintenance. Try to sit in the aisle seat to minimize disturbances but if need be, run to the restroom every 20-30 minutes; don’t put too much pressure on your bladder.


Also, be sure to have a moisturizer on hand that will provide you with a bit of nourishment during travel. A rich body butter or cream will be a lot more effective than your skin spritzer. For a boost of protection, make sure that your moisturizer has SPF! You are closer to UVA/UVB rays while you’re in the sky, making you more susceptible to exposure.


Afterwards, your skin is exhausted and jet-lagged, just like you are. Replenishment is a must! Exfoliate your skin to remove the dead skin cells you just accumulated while in the air. Follow up with a rich moisturizer to restore elasticity and a supple touch.


Safe travels and glow on Beauties!

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