Giving Expedition, You Packed?

Bangkok the capital of Thailand, it is known to be the 13th friendliest country in the world and is referred as The Land of Smiles. Living in this wonderful different foreign land, I was totally immersed in the Thais culture, spa life, fashion, cuisine, proverbs, and fresh lemon grass tea that’s only served at a particular time of the day. I tend to live well in countries where is sun is shining brightly most of the time. Sticky rice served with fresh mango chucks that was my favorite dish for breakfast… just thinking about those pleasurable moments fills my heart with gratitude.

Living my life free taught me the greatest lessons on giving. A stingy heart does not receive much in life it’s the open heart that gives time, places, and people a chance to change while developing in wisdom. How we gain knowledge, distinct perspectives, and viewing the world independently infuse our beings with rich realizations. Get your passports ready and take this excursion with me… I am going back to    the Land of Smiles but this time you are my travel partners.

We have landed in northern Thailand. It’s 5:00am and it’s a beautiful morning. From our hostel window we notice male monks dressed in orange colored robes (civara) gathering food (alms) from the locals standing on the streets. Short bows are exchanged while the monks move around quietly, accumulating their groceries. The mindset of a monk is being very disciplined; a higher conscientiousness towards good deeds, mindfulness toward spirituality, and resisting temptations. Monks are unemployed, one of the best ways of caring for themselves is to visit their communities between dawn and 12 noon. Discovering meals, clothing, medicines and shelter from the night.

The Act of Giving…

Our main focus should be on the giving locals. The folks from this area seemed to be hard workers.  Modest people who gives unpretentiously, their economic status could be viewed as a humble urban lifestyle. These human beings are the season of the earth. They gave wholeheartedly morning after morning. Since childhood we are taught that it is better to give than receive. Jesus said, it is more blessed to give than to receive. To widen God’s smile upon us we simply need to give without contemplating what’s on the receiving end. Give from a good place, an honest heart that glorifies the Lord in our transfer of possessions.

Thank you for letting your imaginations fly far away into a strange place, giving you a page from my life story enriched my soul.

“When you get, give. When you learn, teach."

-Maya Angelou               


Toi Lancaster 


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