Get Gorgeous Legs In 3 Easy Steps!

You may have covered up your legs during the winter, but summer is the perfect season to show off your stems! If you want the most gorgeous, smooth and glowing legs, follow these 3 steps to getting those gams GLAM!

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Get Gorgeous Legs in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1:
Exfoliate – High temperatures can dry out your skin, and your legs are no exception. Calluses and cuts are common problems that can leave permanent marks on your feet and legs. Exfoliating scrubs can remove dead skin and help your body create new skin cells, restoring your legs from the inside out.

Try These Natural Exfoliators:
Natural Exfoliating Scrubs

Step 2: Shave – To protect your legs from razor burns, use a sharp razor and warm water to shave your legs. Honey is a natural alternative to shaving cream that is inexpensive to buy and will moisturize your skin.

Step 3:
Moisturize – If you don’t use a moisturizer after you shave, you can easily dry out your legs and leave permanent damage. As soon as you finish shaving, gently pat them dry to prevent the towel from irritating your skin. Apply oil to your legs and massage it into your skin before sealing it off with lotion.

If you’re looking for moisturizers, try
The Original Royal Oil and Lavish Lotion! When used with together, these moisturizers will leave you with gorgeous summer legs.

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    I have been so excited for the pass month because I been using the promised juicy bar soap and I am in love with it my body doesn’t break out from eczema and it feels so soft and smooth. Thank you a lot for coming out with these products I been using different products from mybutter bar and I won’t change to nothing else.

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