Fine Tune Those Tones: Improving Skin-tone Naturally

As we age and progress through life, our bodies change. We go through periods of puberty where our skin is all over the place. Women also deal with the monthly visitor that brings the baggage of hormonal acne in tow, it’s a lot to deal with. These instances can easily put a damper on your plans to kill the high school reunion this weekend and now you’re rushing to get rid of the acne. You’ve tried your old school toothpaste remedy and that isn’t working so you pick at the acne causing further irritation. FREEZE! Put your hands down and step away from the mirror. Causing excess irritation to the skin, especially acne areas, will, in fact, cause scarring so try your best not to do it. Unless you already have, and in that case, we’ve still got you covered! Check out the essential vitamins and plant-based cures to fine tune that gorgeous skin tone!

 Improving Skin-tone Naturally


Citrus Fruits: Packed with Vitamin C which brightens and tones the skin naturally. Can be consumed by mouth or used topically.


Licorice Root: For some, licorice-flavored foods are an acquired taste. Thankfully they come in supplements! Licorice root has a power-packed component called glabridin; which promotes glowing skin and increases cell turnover.


Turmeric: This master healer helps by feeding your skin exactly what it needs to repair itself. Its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe the skin of irritation. It also helps in the fading and brightening of dark and discolored areas of the skin. Our Turmeric & Honey Glowing Face & Body Mask would be the PERFECT addition to your regimen if you’re looking to lighten problem areas and maintain a healthy glow.


You’re all set! We’ve given all the major keys for an even finish. Time to go do some fine tuning to your skin tone. Glow on Beauties!

 Improving Skin-tone Naturally

 Improving Skin-tone Naturally

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