Fall Lip Care Regimen

Lip care is very important, ironically, it’s not something people make time for in their daily regimen. You may have your hair and body regimen down pat, but what about your lip routine. If you wash and moisturize your face or style your hair in the morning, why not add lip care into it? If your goal is to age with grace and still look youthful, then remember to take care of your lips as well. Besides, who doesn’t love having soft healthy lips? Here are four tips for creating a consistent lip care routine.

1. Drink Water to Stay Hydrated

Drink water! It's important to drink water for various health reasons, but it is beneficial in more than just a healthy diet. It also can help control your appetite, soften your skin and fine lines, as well as helps keep your lips soft and hydrated. If your lips are dry or cracked, that’s a sign of dehydration and that means your body needs more water in your daily diet.

2. Apply Balms and Masks

Just like applying moisturizer to your skin to keep aging at bay, you should treat your lips the same. Applying a lip balm a few times a day can help keep lips soft and hydrated. When looking for a good lip chap avoid any products with ingredients like menthol and eucalyptus. These components can lead to further lip irritation if you already have chapped lips, so try to purchase a lip moisturizer with natural ingredients.

Lip masks are good to add in your regimen as well. They are like little face masks for your lips. Just like there's a face mask for every skin type, there are lip masks for every sort of lip problem. Go to your local grocery store or skin care provider and ask about lip care and lip mask that can heal and soften the lips.

3. Use a DIY Lip Scrub

The skin on our skin sheds the most more than any area of our body. Using a lip exfoliator is a must due to its ability to remove dead skin and encourage the skin regeneration process. There are many lip scrubs you can purchase over the counter, but it’s simple to DIY with ingredients from your kitchen. 

4. Do not Touch or Lick your Lips

Lips do not have any form of protection against germs and bacteria. Meaning that each time you touch them or lick them, they are getting directly affected. Stop it! It is essential that you do not do anything that will make the problem worse.

Never lick your lips. It may feel like a relief for the moment, but in actuality saliva evaporates after a few minutes and it will leave the lips even drier. The enzymes in the saliva are simply too harsh for your lips, so try to reframe if possible. 

Make time to care for your lips this winter Beauty’s! They are front and center on your face after all. As we age, it's important to take care of ourselves and not neglect the small things.If you haven't started your lip regimen, now's the time!

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