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Evidence Of The Itch: Diving Deep Into Eczema

November 13, 2016

Evidence Of The Itch: Diving Deep Into Eczema

Fact 1. Body Parts:

In America there’s about 30 million people suffering with eczema, an inflammation of the skin. It can appear inside the crooks of arms, hands, face, legs, elbows, feet, on behind the knees, back, and any other body part it chooses to claim. It has its days; skin condition can look healed but the next few days it starts all over again. It seems to stick around well after childhood years, an adult could develop asthma or hay fever.

Fact 2. Sobbing Skin:

The skin can weep, a side effect from wet eczema. Excessive scratching sets it off; fluid lay under patches of skin and exuding golden looking pus starts the dermatitis is infected. Crusty layers dry out on top of the skin. The body’s natural moisture leaves, the skin barrier is damaged and the skin become cracked, dry and itchy.

Fact 3. Fooled Foods & Stuff:

Foods that can aggravate eczema breakouts; strawberries, lemons,    oranges, tomatoes, shellfish, diary-(cow’s milk, cheese, yogurt) eggs,      nuts, gluten-(wheat, oats, barley, rye) soy-(tofu, soy milk). You’ll be

totally surprised to know that many beauty and hygiene products contains

gluten which triggers eczema. Slick labels do not mention the word gluten or other ingredients that keeps eczema in the dark for your bucks, and that includes ketchup and shampoos as well.

Fact 4.  Winter Friction:

The wrong fabrics can rub up against your skin causing irritation to eczema’s dry skin. Wearing pure wool hats, scarfs, gloves or other wooly pieces of garments may keep you snuggly and warm from cold winters but you may also experience an itch attack on the spot, hours later or the next day. Man-made fabrics (synthetics), the dyes use in textile can cause an eczema allergic reaction. Stick with leather and 100% cotton clothing and your skin will feel and look better.

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