End The Curse Of The Shiny Face

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When it looks like and feel like grease… no doubt it’s oily skin. That’s no   cool beans! A healthy glow is quite different from a glowing shining T-zone. A young lady told me today that when she was a teenager she was so embarrassed about her oily skin that during class she would frequent the restroom wiping and wiping the oil away. She was so self-conscience about the appearance of skin, rightfully so. Many of us share those same emotions and painful memories. Perhaps some of us are making new daunting experiences dealing with slimy sticky skin.

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Moisturizer Lack

Many of us have been told that our oily skin types do not require moisturizing. Sorry for the texture of our faces, we believed in the wrong information. Breakouts of acne and pimples are still showing up, why? Daily moisturizing our complexions reduce the sebum production. Let me explain, dehydrated is prone to skin conditions; dry patches, acne, irritation and blackheads. Ever felt dry and oil skin at the same time? The skin expresses what’s going on, moisture loss. Dehydration is regulated by the amount of water we have in our skin. It’s important to drink plenty of water and use moisturizers, hydrated skin is resilient.

Losing money

The creative wonders of marketing will make us spend hundreds to thousands of hard earned dollars. Skin care products that in fact only    works for a short period of time and does not deliver results from the fancy packaging or instructions. Raise your hand if you have been sucked in like I have. Our bathroom cabinets are piled up with half-filled bottles. We feel bad about throwing them away because it’s our money being tossed out the window. We’re still noticing thick oily skin and frankly who needs those annoyances?

Wrong Tools

Hand powered rotating cleansing brushes and scrubbers state that they clean your skin x-amount of times better than other competitors. Their  sale’s pitch holds our attention with descriptions like; reduce acne, deeper cleaning, exfoliates oil, sweat, and dirt away. Beware using the incorrect skincare tools can cause our skin to overproduce oil, the spinning head can dry out skin and over usage creates irritation.


 Toi Lancaster      

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