Eat Your Colors, Save Your Skin!

January 08, 2018

Eat Your Colors, Save Your Skin!

Let’s go back in time. To a time where you lit up as a child when it was time for art class. The crayons, the colored pencils, the paint, there were so many options! Color intrigues us, it stimulates our brains. Want to know what else colors do? FUEL OUR BODIES! Consuming colorful foods is a sure-fire way to retain nutrients for a healthy body and sexy glowing skin. That is after all, what we’re about here at MyButterBar. Our main focus is ensuring that you have all of the knowledge and tools you need to be the BOMB.COM! In our first installment of Eating Your Colors we dive into the primary colors; Red, Blue, and Yellow! Check out the details on eating for beauty below!



Strawberries: Reduces inflammation and wrinkles in skin

Raspberries: Loaded with potassium, magnesium, and iron

Pomegranates: Aids in digestion, arthritis, and prevents Alzheimer’s

Red Bell Peppers: Rich in Vitamin C, helps with better vision

Tomatoes: Promotes healthy skin, lowers cholesterol



Blueberries: King of Antioxidants, more nutrients than any other berry

Elderberries: Boosts immune system, clears sinus infections, diuretic

Blackberries: Boosts immune system, reduced the risk of diabetes

Black Currants: Restores skin, heals eczema & psoriasis (topically)



Lemons: Speeds up your metabolism, reduces blood pressure

Squash: Aids in weight loss, helps prevent osteoporosis

Mangoes: Improves memory and concentration, also improves SEX

Pineapples: Hydrates your body for clear skin, improves circulation

Corn: Helps to regulate diabetes, promotes healthy skin and vision


Pretty cool right? Consuming whole foods is the key to a healthy body and beautiful skin. Let’s do an experiment! The next time you go grocery shopping try to grab at least two fruits or vegetable from the primary color group. If you make this a regular habit, your body will thank you with sexy skin! Through making healthier, more colorful food choices you’re setting yourself up for success! Your body will be renewed with healthy plant-based cells giving you a guaranteed glow. You can use our Brown Sugar & Honey Scrub to help reveal your new layer of sexy. 

Glow on Beauties!

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