Dry Skin on $$$ale!

The CEO and Founder of The Butter Bar – Kimberly Chloe Wilson, always advised us to read the labels from the skincare products we purchase. What is it that she is telling us? Why should we care? Some of us have been buying the same beauty products for years, so why should break those relationships? What does she know? Think about it, mass manufacture products benefit from billions of our dollars every year. We the consumers, are we putting our well-being into

Here, we are going to peel back a few layers of marketing deceptions (components they won’t tell you) that keeps our skin dried out. Reading the small print can help save our skin from dryness. Consciously making our own decisions with spending our money on good choices; gives our mind, body and soul the greatest chance to live healthy. We deserve the truth. Listed below are ingredients to avoid this winter. Steer clear from skincare products that promote “Dry Skin on $ale.”

Industry Toxins:
1) Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS): used in personal care products, cosmetics, detergents.

2) Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES): used in soaps, toothpaste, shampoos.

3) Ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS): used in body washes, shampoos.

4) Sodium tallowate/cocoate: used in bar soaps, antibacterial / deodorant bar soaps.

5) Salicylic acid (IUPAC): used in dandruff shampoos, may cause hyperpigmentation.

6) (Synthetic) Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA): the skin vulnerable to sun damage, cause itching.

Skincare Toxins:

7) Benzoyl Peroxide: can produce; dryness, irritation, itching.

8) Retinoid: can peel the skin, produce dryness, irritation and crusting.

9) Alcohol: erode skin surface, weakens skin, cause dryness.

10) Artificial colors: can produce; acne breakouts, dry skin, pore blocker.


Are we starting to see the light? Skincare products that has been sold to us over many decades has caused serious damage to our skin. Not any more, today we have gained knowledge and we are more aware. We can’t be fooled by fancy smart commercials that lures us to buy products that are harmful to our bodies. The sleeping tigresses ROAR!

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Toi Lancaster 

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