Dry Brushing for Lymphatic System

One of the big reasons why people start dry brushing is to detox the lymphatic system. But how does it really work?  Besides consisting of blood vessels, sweat glands and nerve endings, your skin helps remove waste, aids in digestion and has a lot to do with good circulation. Parts of your overall lymphatic system include your thymus gland, lymph nodes, spleen, liver and tonsils. Your skin absorbs toxins and chemicals, and dry brushing helps the skin’s detoxification abilities. 

Something you may not realize is that for most people, especially as they get older, when your system begins getting sluggish, moving slower and slower, it compromises your immune system. When your immune system isn't working as it should, your body becomes more susceptible to problems like sinus infections. Further, one of the reasons you keep hearing how crucial exercise is involves your lymphatic system. Movement is essential for your body to function as it was designed to do.

Healthy removal of toxic waste is one of the most crucial habits you can get into. It's also a way to increase your energy while decreasing stress, lifting brain fog and supporting your digestive health, which are practical considerations that help you not only feel good but look good! And who doesn’t want those benefits. 

What are the Benefits?

Lymphatic brushing can help calm the nervous system. Since tactile nerves lay right underneath the skin, body brushing can calm the brain, lower stress hormones and help regulate cortisol. This, in turn, can help us sleep better, lose weight more easily, have more energy. It’s also energizing, invigorating and stress relieving, it also reveals soft, glowing skin. 

Our Lymphatic system relies on muscle contractions — aka exercise — to "shake things loose," so to speak, which helps your body in its detoxification process. Further, many of your lymph vessels run just below your skin's surface, which is how brushing your skin can impact how well your lymph glands perform. Brushing your skin is an innovative way to gently cleanse and protect your skin and improve circulation.

Dry brushing your skin is said to be something like what milk thistle does for your liver. It is said that you can release up to a pound of toxins through your skin, your largest eliminative organ, every single day. This about a quarter of the total waste you excrete daily. You may not know exactly what's going on inside your body, but your skin is often the first to tell the tale.

There's a brush designed to dry brush your skin. Quality brush bristles are made from natural fibers rather than synthetic materials. There are brushes specifically for your face, hands, feet and nails,(which have softer bristles). Besides the type for dry brushing, there are brushes that you can use as you bathe as well.  

So, not only does dry brushing clear your clogged pores of dirt, oil and other residue, it stimulates your hormone and oil-producing glands and your circulation, which helps leave your skin feeling fresh and more prone to healing and allows your skin to "breathe" properly.

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