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Ditch Your Washcloth! Try This Instead- Spring Clean Your Cleansing

March 23, 2017 3 Comments

Ditch Your Washcloth! Try This Instead- Spring Clean Your Cleansing

Although I love me a good matching towel set from Target any day, I have stopped using washcloths to cleanse my skin for the past year. I know!!

The thought of not bringing your precious terry cloth into the shower with you sounds like an unthinkable thing. I mean, how will you get clean?

Now, I’m not telling you not to scrub up; I’m merely presenting the facts.  That cloth can be causing you problems that you never thought of before. Now, let’s take a look at the facts, and I’ll share my alternatives for cleansing.

Terry Face Clothes (the basic square face or body cloth)

We all probably grew up with a good ‘ol “wash rag.” The one that was only yours, and nobody else could use because you didn’t want to go around “spreading germs.” Well, unfortunately, the fact is, whether you keep the cloth to yourself exclusively or not, it’s probably breeding germs as we speak!

Think about this: You wash your face, rinse and squeeze the washcloth out. Then you let it air dry until you use it again. Right? There are dead skin cells on that washcloth! There’s also ample opportunity and time for bacteria and other microbes to grow and spread on your cloth. Talk about disgusting! Also, the rough texture of most terry cloths can over exfoliate or even tear the small pores on your skin, causing damage, and, you guessed it- an opening for bacteria to creep in. Can you say “acne party”? I’ll pass!

Use this instead: Clean Hands and Water. That’s right Beauty! It’s that simple. Use your hands, lather up your Cleanser and some water, and cleanse away. Don't worry; you can still keep your face cloth on display with the rest of the Target set!


Bath Poufs and Synthetic Sponges (You know the brightly colored plastic fluffy ball you can get just about anywhere, including the grocery store.)

Same story as the Terry cloth. Bacteria breeding grounds! On top of that, synthetic sponges and plastic bath poufs are made with materials that scratch and scrape the skin, causing microscopic tears in the skin’s surface. Skip them altogether and save your 2 bucks at the grocery store!

Use this instead: A Dead sea sponge. Why? Of course, the obvious reason is that they are 100% natural! These sponges come for real sea sponges that have, well, died (I’m sure it was from natural causes), and been harvested from the sea and allowed to dry out. Sponges can grow back after they are harvested, so they could be considered a sustainable resource.

They are also great for holding in your cleanser. The deep pore pockets of a dead sea sponge take in liquids and hold them, while also allowing air to be taken into the sponge - which allows for more lather! Who doesn’t love lather!? To go even further into the benefits, the rough surface of the natural sea sponges can be a good exfoliating tool for some. Tough sponges can help scrape away dead cells lingering on your skin with the potential to clog pores. However, if you have oily skin that tends toward acne, harshly scrubbing your face with a sponge can just make you break out more. If so, avoid sponges altogether, and gently wash your face and pat it dry to discourage additional breakouts. 

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Hand Towels (The longer version of the terry cloth that is usually used to dry your face after washing it.)

This is the same concern as the Terry face cloth and the synthetic sponges. It’s all about bacteria. The fewer bacteria and mold/mildew you allow your skin to come in contact with, the better!

Use this instead: Paper Towels. I keep a roll on my bathroom countertop. You can even buy the ones where you can choose a size, as you only need about ½ of a full sheet to dry your face. Or you could pre-cut them and set them in a pretty bath dish as decoration on your counter! That’s where I keep mine.

So, there you go! Clean out those linen closets, and take that stinky bath pouf off your shower organizer. Toss those germ-ridden accessories and grab your safer, natural alternatives! Your skin will thank you!

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The Flawless Owner/Founder & CEO of The Butter Bar Skincare

Kimberly-Chloe Wilson



3 Responses


March 30, 2017

I’m not even going to say my first thoughts about this but there’s an ongoing joke in the black community about people who don’t use wash cloths. Everything you said makes sense though. I’m going to transition to hands for face washing and paper towels

Kimberly Adams
Kimberly Adams

March 24, 2017

This is really good information, I experience breakouts everyday and it’s beyond stressful.


March 23, 2017

Thank you for sharing .Good to know I’ve been doing the right thing for pay drying with paper towel .Seeing as o am in the category of oily skin n breakout.However I will start bathing with sponge n fish wash cloth.One question my son is hoing thru puberty having breakouts n he is a little self conscious what is the best routine for his face wash n should he paper towel as well?

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